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Meditation Unites Us in The Age of Division

Each of us is inexorably shaped by the environment of which we are a part. Our language, culture, politics and belief systems are all influenced by where we are born and how we are brought up to view the world.  This process of relative conditioning affects all of us in varying degrees and is a major factor in the emergence of the Age of Division in which we find ourselves today.


Where does the solution lie?

by David Dunphy

Preserving Your Meditative State All Day Long

You’ve just finished a wonderfully peaceful meditation, opened your eyes and suddenly think, what about the rest of my day? I’ve got another 12 hours of relentless bombardment by modern life and how do I take some of this feeling with me? This is a question that all of us who meditate and live in the hustle and bustle of modern life often ask ourselves and find ourselves without a ready solution.

by David Dunphy