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The One Magical Quality that Boosts your Meditation

Sahaja meditation is a long-term commitment. You get much more from it than the average stress relief meditation out there, especially in the area of spirituality and personality improvement. As you begin your journey of meditation with Sahaja, you’re most likely looking for ways to settle down quickly and get to the important first milestone – the deep meditation experience.


But there are ways to accelerate your progress towards deeper experiences. One particular character trait stands out for having the maximum impact on your meditation.

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How to Find Everything You Need within Yourself

These days, information marketing is at its peak. Your mailbox is often full of email messages from content marketers, many full of flashy advice like “10 Ways to Accelerate Your Weight Loss” or “5 Ways to Develop Self-Confidence.” Or more likely, the message contains a product someone wants to sell to you, but in a very indiscreet, subtle way. They’ll write and make you visualize how you’ll feel, appeal to the deepest of emotions and by the time you’re through, leave you excited and really wanting what they have to sell. Product and Content Marketing 101.

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