Last Friday, our instructor and experienced practitioner David Dunphy gave a very interesting introduction and guided meditation session on how our attention works over time in creating a permanent and lasting effect of meditation. While we all are familiar with what meditation can achieve for us during a session of meditation, what about the lasting and permanent effects of meditation on us?



David explained how the canvas of our attention is brought into deeper and narrower focus by the rising of the Kundalini energy, which rises as a thick column through our central energy channel in the subtle energy system. This causes the attention to rise to a higher level of consciousness and penetrate into the Collective UnConscious realm.


This, in turn, nourishes our attention and makes it powerful. Spiritually, this is called as enlightened attention, but if you want to avoid the lofty “enlightened” word and understand it in a more practical manner, think of it as energizing and recharging effect on our attention.


The permanency effect of meditation really comes with consistent and the regular practice of meditation which causes the attention to remain permanently focused rather than dispersed and distracted by external events from the past or the future. The physical fitness analogy we can use to understand this is stabilization of the core of our body through core exercises. In a similar concept, meditation helps stabilize the core of our waking time, which is the power of our attention, where we direct it and how much undiluted focus we put on the present moment. And in the moments when we aren’t doing anything of importance, how our attention is stable and even in a state of thoughtless awareness rather than thoughts raging within us randomly pulling us all the over the place into the past and future.


In the long term, our attention can even be at the higher level of consciousness outside of our meditation time. It can actively guide us in our day to day work and endeavors by drawing upon the divine discretion and direction. And the reason for this benefit is that the higher realm is entirely spiritual. Once again “heaven” may seem like a lofty word for it, but the higher realm is really our living access to heaven. It may not realize any dramatic outcomes for us, rather it is the source of the vital energy that keeps us pleasant, joyous, truthful, completely secure, powerful, confident and precise in whatever we do.


Each of our online sessions is different in their style and substance and some like the ones by David are real gems, hardly worth missing in terms of content and the deep experience.


And please do RSVP for future sessions on our calendar. If you have an alternate time preference that you’d rather see us schedule some sessions, feel free to let us know. Follow-along guided meditations are certainly useful, but in our opinion, live, guided meditations are in a different plane altogether. The benefits of collective meditation are unique and far-reaching compared to at-home, do-it-yourself meditation sessions. It takes several weeks for you to realize the difference between the two, but once you realize the benefits, it’s likely that you’ll make once a week attendance at our collective sessions an ongoing habit.


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