It’s a New Year and the instructors along with the entire team at Sahaja Online wishes you the best success in achieving new heights and successes in 2019. But we have a special message for you. You’ll need to seek out these new levels of improvement in the right dimension in your life. Of all the dimensions available to us to spend our attention, the spiritual dimension is the greatest and most magnificent.


Any success that any of us achieve in getting better in that dimension is exponentially more fruitful and powerful in our lives.


The Physical and Material Dimension of Self-improvement


Getting fitter, moving to a new home or just improving your existing one, perhaps buying a new car or just new anything and scores of such other improvements fall under this category. But because resolutions or activities in life are nothing without outcomes that we can measure, the question to ask yourself is what outcomes you will achieve out of any of these. It’s perfectly okay if the most significant outcome is that these make you happier. That’s what we all live for. Some resolutions like getting physically fit, do a bit more than that. They make you physically stronger and that lays the foundation for other success in other higher dimensions.


The Mental or Cognitive Dimension


Gaining knowledge or expertise of any kind and similar initiatives fall in this category. A significant number of New year resolutions are related to this. Each of us wants to get smarter, better and more equipped to manage our lives. Sometimes, people even try to gain a lot of knowledge on spirituality. The key outcome from resolutions that are executed in this category is that you become more knowledgeable for the most part, but now always. Sometimes you’ll likely end up more confused than when you started. Not all knowledge is good, it depends on what’s most effective and what it helps you achieve. Sometimes, you can also become more productive and smarter with certain resolutions. All of this can serve the material dimension ultimately, but not the upcoming higher dimensions.


The Emotional Dimension of Self-improvement


We like to put self-improvement on your character and personality traits as well as anything to do with your emotions and feelings in this category. With this dimension, we reach the “becoming a better person” outcome and make resolutions centered around it. Or it could just be to make your life more peaceful and happier or easier to manage. Either way, we definitely get into a subtler realm here and the best thing is that we’ll need to introspect to understand ourselves if we are going to make any progress on producing a better version of ourselves.


That in itself is huge. In fact, that’s the real outcome we’re interested in as far this dimension is concerned – our attention turns inward – outside in, to the depths of our personality.


The Spiritual Dimension


No surprise, you’ll probably know that this is the dimension we’re going to recommend that people pay attention to. But do you know what outcomes can be achieved on this dimension? Here are examples straight out of the life of practitioners – these are actual outcomes they achieved.


Transcended their Personality from Identifying Themselves with their Status, Position, Physical Self to Identifying Themselves with their Spirit or Inner Self


They felt different now – as if a calm, peaceful, happy entity inside them was watching all the other dimensions and identities, guiding them in the right direction. That entity is our Spirit, the detached but highly intelligent witness inside us. It has no desires or wants, it finds it’s own optimal state in the combination of truth, pure attention and absolute joy (not the worldly happiness or due to the pampering of the ego). How did they achieve this transition from all their other identities and associations to become one with the Spirit?

Self-Realization through Sahaja. You can do this in the New Year. Just attend our online programs.


Better Tuned to Manage their Problems


Their problems didn’t all go away, but they found themselves so much more equipped – unafraid, confident, productive and ready with creative solutions – and they got through them eventually.


Much More Emotionally Intelligent


There’s scientific evidence to prove that Sahaja achieves this, but at a practical level, the practitioners found themselves a lot more balanced, much less reactive and in general, well in control of their emotions. And they found newer, positive emotions to express – those who were loners in their lives found the joy of collectivity, the serious, rough and tough men found it in them to enjoy the innocence of babies and so on.


Wisdom and Better Choices in Life


Nearly all practitioners indicated that they had started realizing how wrong their focus and choices had been in life and after they started meditating, how they had begun to see the wisdom of different and better choices. Some were those that they may never have imagined making earlier but now they knew why. They were no longer interested in short-term rewards – they were focused on the longer-term benefits and making sacrifices for their and others’long-term good.


And that’s where they stopped talking about the key outcomes even though many of them had many experiences and positive outcomes in the other dimensions in their lives, ranging from relationship improvements to career advancements. But the whole point was that when they fixed their spiritual dimension, everything else fell into place or did not really trouble them anymore.


And so in the New Year, we’ll leave you with a simple, singular objective – aiming for improvement and better outcomes in the spiritual dimension, more than anything else. Sahaja meditation makes it a whole lot easier to achieve the outcomes and progress in this dimension, in fact, more easily than any of your resolutions in any other dimension of self-improvement.


Trust us, it can be more life changing than you can imagine.


Happy meditating!